Spoiled Travelers will soon be sharing tips on how to find a dream job in the travel industry and get paid to travel around the world.

Jeni Larson, aka BrilliantJeni, has been a full time blogger and web publisher since 2006. Her huge success in blogging allowed her to become an avid traveler who vacations for months at a time. To learn more about Jeni’s blogging expertise visit:

Dave & Yvette Ulloa are Professional Tourists & Ambassadors of Fun. Learn how they were able to…

  • Become self made millionaires as entrepreneurs in the travel industry (Travelpreneurs!)
  • Earn free vacations around the world
  • Create a foundation & open 3 orphanages in Ecuador
  • Travel the world teaching others to achieve this level of success through the travel industry

Learn from┬ámore Spoiled Travelers who have followed their wanderlust to over 50 countries through careers in the tourism industry. They will share tips and tricks on how to…

  • Study abroad for FREE with a scholarship from Rotary International
  • Live and work on board a cruise ship
  • Guide motor coach tours across the world
  • Host Spring Break Trips in Cancun or other vacation hot spots
  • Spend summers exploring Alaska
  • And much more…