What Happens in Vegas with “The Mentalist”

  People always say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” but what they haven’t told you is that “What happened in your past might be revealed in Vegas.” No one had forewarned me about this…and while I don’t have … Continued

It's all about giving…

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A man came to my door this morning, riding a bicycle with a bucket hanging off the handlebar. He very kindly, asked if he could wash my Grand Jeep Cherokee. When I hesitated to assess how dirty it was, he quickly added, “Please, I need to eat.” It brought tears to my eyes.

Spoiled in Las Vegas!

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Vegas was fab- in fact, it was more than fab.  I booked a first class ticket that stopped through Denver, and aside from a loooong wait for luggage recheck after customs, the flight was smooth and carefree.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t … Continued

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