More Tips for Staying Healthy On the Road

Staying healthy on the road can be potentially difficult. That is if you don’t plan ahead. You may get stuck with bad fast food, or that country’s standards may not match up to yours.

The key is preparation. I always go to Whole Foods and plan ahead. I buy some Goji Berries and Carob chips and mix them together in a baggie. I also buy some organic raw almonds and have a pack in my bag. I take a nutritional shake in my purse so if I’m ever hungry on the road, I have a back up meal.

And finally, remember this. If you’re at the airport, they serve the WORST quality food because they don’t need the repeat business. They prepare things with rancid oil, who knows how long the food has been stored there, and the preparation is not as clean.

So when I’m at an airport and I’m hungry, I always try to find a Starbucks and buy either fruit or oatmeal. Leave the raisins behind they have way too much sugar! Or I bring an empty shaker cup with the powder protein shake, try to buy a Fiji Water at the coffee shop and mix my own healthy shake!

It takes a little preparation, but the results are an amazing body, a healthy and fit mind…and you coming back from vacation, not over-weight, but over-fit!!

My husband and I have mastered the art of traveling and staying healthy. We come back from vacation healthier than when we left! It’s a mindset, a decision. Don’t let the world influence you, YOU influence your actions! 

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