Dear friends!

We have so much joy and want to let you know that they have opened a third home in Ecuador at La Esperanza Homes, which now houses 15 children!!  As you know, we (Dave Ulloa and family) experienced some very tough times last year when our father tragically passed away and it was very very difficult on seeing any gifts come out of that…

But Dad has left a legacy and has given us the ability to impact over 65 children now at La Esperanza homes who would otherwise not have a home.  Last year we met the 50 children from the first two homes that many of you contributed to help fund..and it was one of the most magical experiences of our lives.

We are thankful to our worldventures family and our Facebook family and friends for contributing to this amazing cause!  Dad was an orphan and didn’t have a home growing up…one soul has given wings to 65 other souls to have an amazing life in Ecuador.

We are going on a Mission Dream Trip on November 13-19 we are inviting all of you to join us!  More details soon…save the date!

With love, Dave Ulloa and the Family!

Dave Ulloa

Dave’s passion for traveling allowed him and his beautiful wife Yvette to start a travel business that exploded and allowed them to live a life which they call “living full time" meaning not having to make decisions based on TIME or MONEY. They now travel around the world and speak to thousands of people, inspiring them to live their true potential. Dave and Yvette and very focused on giving back and contributing to various charities including three orphanages in Ecuador.

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