Take a tour with us as we traveled to Egypt with our incredible peer group, Tony Robbins Platinum Partners. As we visited Cairo, Giza, and Luxor. We took a bus ride from Cairo to Luxor which was fun as we got to see many different parts of Egypt on our way to our Nile river boat ride. We saw many ruins that were breath taking in the city of Luxor. As we walked through the city where we could see and feel a country that is seeking a better way of life. We witnessed a tremendous amount of history as well as poverty. I felt very safe with the group we were with but was also very aware of our surroundings because of the rough areas we walked through.<!–adsensestart–>

As we embarked on a Nile River Boat cruise we were met by our captains. Two young men who were friendly and spoke broken English. They made us lunch on the boat and made the experience so much fun. One of the Captains started to play some music on the boat and Yvette and he began to dance Egyptian style. We had a blast and all the other boats wanted to know what was going on as we cheered and laughed the entire time. We almost ran into another boat because we were having so much fun and the captains lost track of where we were going.

This day was memorable day and as we finished our cruise our captains taught us a creating Egyptian song that we ended our day with. As they say a day is not wasted if a memory is created. We created many great memories this day. Thanks Jeff Roberti for leading us in our final cheer!!!

Yvette Ulloa

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