Sexiest Travel Club…

Our travel blog features this week, the hottest and sexiest travel club in the world! We stayed at the Riu SantaFe in Los Cabos, a beautiful five star hotel on the beach and we took over the pool!

Over 500 members of our travel club were there that weekend, so beware. This video might be a little spicy,  lol.  The hotels rolled out the red carpet for our group.  The beaches were full of volleyball players.

The pool bars were witnessing some of the funnest people who arrived from all over the world for one common goal:  to have fun together.

Join our Wall Street Crew from New York, our business partners from Dallas, our LA network and many, many more in this HOT video.  The 9 pools in the hotel were filled with worldwide members of our travel club! Note: Could you spot a former pageant queen in the video? ENJOY…


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