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So…we came to our cousin’s graduation in San Diego and wanted to experience the wonderful heavenly beds while we gave the Westin Hotel in San Diego some great reviews.  We are so proud of Chris Ruiz a new marine in our country, and are very emotional as we get ready to attend his graduation tomorrow.

As we were looking around for restaurants we noticed that four blocks away is Little Italy in San Diego and so we wanted to find one of the best Italian Restaurants.  What a difficult choice!  So many menus, so many beautiful restaurants, so much charisma in this Little Italy town in San Diego!

Little Italy Restaurant Italian Restaurants San Diego

After carefully looking at various menus and locations all throughout Little Italy in San Diego, we decided to experience what some said was one of the best Italian Restaurants: Mimmo’s.  Located at 1743 India Street in San Diego California 92101, it is a charismatic restaurant decorated in typical Italian decor.

As a matter of fact, for a moment we forgot we were in San Diego and thought we were in Rome!  Mimmo’s offers a wine bar and a beautiful scenery while you dine.  The restaurant looked like it might have been very expensive from the outside but we were pleasantly surprised that the price was very accommodating for a family of five.  As a matter of fact, our total amount for five people was $101.00.  No wine included, sorry folks, tonight was not a drinking wine night as we have to wake up at 5:30 am to get ready for the Marine’s Graduation!

Prices on the Mimmo’s menu were great!  Some of the examples are:  some very big subs were only $9.00 dollars for a very large portion.  Salads were extra large.  I ordered a Greek Salad and it was only $7.00 for a full size.  The bread was not the best part of the menu but the risotto that came with the salmon was to die for.  We loved the atmosphere as it was very quaint and although casual nice, you still felt like you were transported into a different part of the world…at least for a minute.  Until the waiter came back to tell you that he didn’t really know what was included in the soup lol.

The service was a bit slow and the waiter was not as knowledgeable but he made up for his lack of knowledge with a smile and a good heart.  He was definitely not Italian.  But it was still a great experience.

$101.00 dollars later our family of five left content, full and with a half chicken parmigiana in a box.  Dave my husband was not impressed with the chicken parmigiana, but the whole experience was great overall.  We give this restaurant a 6-7.

Here is their website if you would like to make reservations:

Mimmo’s Restaurant 

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  1. Spencer

    I love Italian Food and always try to visit an Italian restaurant whenever I go on holiday. I never managed to get to one in San Diego but the ones I went to in Cali in general were awesome!

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