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Sitting in the Islander spa at Aura Wyndham resort- booking mud baths n stuff w @brillianpamela

My favorite feature of Aura Bay Grand in Cozumel by far, is their Islander Spa.  Stylish with an uplifting zen feel, a valet guides you from the waiting area and boutique, to the locker rooms where you are set up with your robe and slippers, followed by a refreshing beverage.  The steamroom and jacuzzi are in the next room over, with vanity areas in the room.  Guests are welcome to use these areas during normal spa hours, including the relaxation room.

I give this spa 3 stars out of 5.


The products they used were good, particularly the mud used for the Mayan body wrap.  My skin felt and looked great even days later.

The gem and hot stone massage was out of this world!  I’d definitely recommend having this spa treatment if you’re planning to stay at the Aura resort.

Not so good’s:

Some of their staff could have used additional training- I had the harshest facial I’ve ever had on my first day at the spa.  The following 2 days however, I had amazing treatments by more experienced staff.

The atmosphere was a bit disappointing.  The relaxation room seating was hard, and uncomfortable vinyl.  The view is mostly bare rooftops with small glimpses of ocean.

Lack of air conditioning in most of the spa rooms.  Locker rooms, vanity room/jacuzzi room and relaxation rooms were warm and humid without ac.

Robes and slippers were not particularly comfortable, nor ideal.  They were very short and definitely not well sized.

Overall, I would probably not recommend this particular spa, in the hopes there are others that are better on the island. 

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