Having the Mayan Spa Treatment…

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Having the Mayan Spa Treatment with @brilliantpamela in Cozumel & laughing our a$$es off the entire time http://twitpic.com/1xv0q8

Islander Spa in Aura Grand Bay Wyndham on the island of Cozumel – definitely a spa I would recommend.  Today was our third spa day in a row here.  Our first day, we had short facial and massage treatments to feel out the spa’s staff and products.  The following day, we booked a “gem and hot stone massage” which was just amazing, but paled in comparison to our treatment today-  a 3 hour Mayan Spa Treatment which included a mud bath and wrap, facial, and massage.  We opted for a couple’s room setup (who says you can’t do this with a friend right?) with coinciding massage tables, and a huge jacuzzi tub that could have fit far more than 2 people.   We turned up the iPhone with Michael Beckwith’s cd, “The Life Visioning Process” playing and chatted away for the first hour of our treatments.  By the end of the session, we were in deep meditative states, barely able to move, we were so relaxed. 

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