Royal Villas Resort in Mazatlan

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For our 3 days in Mazatlan, we stayed at the Royal Villas Resort.  We really enjoyed our stay here.  The resort itself was upscale, very comfortable and we had a great time with one small exception that will possibly keep us from staying there again.  We had an accidental charge of $600 USD on our debit card- a charge that was apparently intended to be a “hold” rather than a charge and the only solution offered was, “we’ll deposit the money back into your account in about 1 to 3 months.”  So that sucked.

The lobby alone is worth a visit- a wide platform stairwell is surrounded by Koi ponds and impressive rock formations leading to the pool.  There’s a comfortable cocktail lounge here and a game section with everything from pool to foos ball.

The room was beautiful- large, very nicely decorated with comfortable beds and a full kitchen.  We also had a jacuzzi tub which worked for a little while and although they offered to send someone to fix it, they never showed.  Oh well, we got to enjoy it once 😉   We had a great balcony which was spacey but not really private- A few ladies next door were caught spying on my fiance after he was out of the shower and became our frequent fans!

The pool was beautiful, located on a patio above the beach.  There was a fun slide off a rock formation but it was not turned on for the full duration of the pool hours so we unfortunately never had the chance to try it.  The pool opened at 9 AM and closed at 9 PM-  the slide was on from 11 AM to just after 6 PM- quite disappointing.

The staff was very friendly and helpful.  Service for poolside cocktails were fast once we started a tab.   Valet parking cost us around $3 USD a day and was well worth it.  They were fast getting our car and always helpful as far as providing information and directions. 

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